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Secretly, Josh? SECRETLY?

^ I know right, you’re on live. OF COURSE IT’S A SECRET. 

Yes, it is our secret, Josh. :)


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Please read for those who liked and reblogged my announcement for following your blogs :)

Hey guys! I’m done following your blogs. Your blogs are really amazing! I LOVE THEM!!

My last request is to follow me back. :) And for those who have followed me before I do. You guys really made me happy, I was literally clapping my hands. :)

I would be very happy if you do follow me.

Thank you so much! :)

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Uh.. Hotness overload! I can’t say anything. :)

When I saw this picture of Josh. My reaction. :)

My reaction:

I have fallen in love a BILLION times. :) How about you?